Welcome to the Young Reader 3 Apples Book Award

The Young Reader 3 Apples Book Award has been developed to encourage the joy of reading for pleasure, and to give the young readers of New York State the opportunity to participate in honoring their favorite books.

It is co-sponsored by the Youth Services and School Library Media Sections of the New York Library Association, which together represent the public and school libraries of the state.

Each year young readers in grades PreK-2 (ages 3-8) nominate their favorite book, creating a statewide ballot of fifteen of the most popular titles. After reading or listening to at least three of the nominated books, the young readers vote to select one as their favorite. That book and its author are honored with the presentation of the Young Reader 3 Apples Book Award, and celebrations take place across the state in school and public libraries.

Thanks to the Three Apples Storytelling Festival for generously allowing us to use a name similar to theirs.







We have a winner!
The 3 Apples Book Award Winner for this year is: Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type by Doreen Cronin! Check out the winners page here.

Ballots are up!
Here are the voting ballots: pdf / docx.

Brochures are up!
Here are the brochures for the Top 15 Nominees: pdf / doc. Happy New Year!

Nominations are closed.
Brochures will be coming soon!

Nominations are being accepted!
Check out the How to Participate page, or just download the form and submit!

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